Decentraland HTTP-REST State Synchronization

Update 2020-01-23: Decentraland changed the API since this example. I’ll post an updated link if I port this.


New tutorial released

Developers and designers of Decentraland scenes will have a need to synchronize state across all players who are viewing(or inside) a scene.

Previously I discussed doing this with WebSockets but we don’t always want to use WebSockets. There’s extra processing power required with WebSockets that we can avoid by using HTTP-REST.

The interface is like this:

  • GET /api/pixels
    • get all pixels
  • GET /api/pixels/pixel/?x=6&y=4
    • get a single pixel at {x,y} coordinate from db
  • PUT /api/pixels/pixel
    • put a new pixel into the db
  • POST /api/pixels/pixel/:id
    • post an existing pixel back into the db
  • DELETE /api/pixels/pixel/:id
    • delete existing pixel

That’s how we “draw” the pixels using REST.


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